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About Us

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Exploring Beyond The Trend

Destinazones is a sustainable tourism company that strongly supports ecotourism in conserving the environment & improving the welfare of the local people.

What Makes Us, Beyond?

When you decide to take Destinazones’ tour package, you will gain these benefits:

  • Authentic, unique destinations
  • A local host TravelGram who are experts in all things Sumba
  • Instagrammable journey documetation
  • An easy booking system
  • 24/7 ready to receive booking
  • Merchandise!


Ardi Kemara


As an active digital enabler at one of his start-up, Ardi spends his time exploring exotic places in Indonesia. He captures his adventures at @ardikemara and ardikemarapradipta.com

Handri Sanjaya


Handri is a part of @exploreindonesia, a collective platform built to explore exotic places in Indonesia. Handri is a traveller that can come up with many unique, interesting destination ideas