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Destinazones is sustainable tourism company

We strongly support eco-tourism to conserve the environment & improves the welfare of local people

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

We are proud to create an enviromentally sustainable and responsible tourism solution for the local people in Sumba

Variety and Flexibility

Enjoy variety of trips provided by Destinazones, we have trip references and aunique point activity system to help you realize your dream holiday

Holiday Like a Local

We have local guides on your chosen holiday destination to help you experience the place like a local

Unique Explore Experience, Curated for You

Exploring with Destinazones means you will have an explore experience beyond the trend.

The Founders Who Wanted To Make A Difference

Ardi Kemara


As an active digital enabler at one of his start-up, Ardi spends his time exploring exotic places in Indonesia. He captures his adventures at @ardikemara and ardikemarapradipta.com

Handri Sanjaya


Handri is a part of @exploreindonesia, a collective platform built to explore exotic places in Indonesia. Handri is a traveller that can come up with many unique, interesting destination ideas

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